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Coyotes are one of the most adaptable mammals in the world. The nature of this member of the dog family is very controversial. On the one hand, it is very intelligent and has good hunting skills. It contributes to a diversity of species found throughout the United States and Canada. On the other hand, the species brings considerable damage to livestock and is considered one of the most annoying predators due to its large range and ability to adapt to ever changing conditions.

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Central Rockies Mammals
The Coyote's name originated from a Spanish alteration of Aztec name "coyotl." Coyotes are also referred to as the Brush or Prairie Wolf. The scientific name of the species is Canis Latrans, which means "a barking dog." It first appeared in 1833 in description of the species done by Thomas Say.

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 Coyotes - Pictures
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Mesquite Country Outfitters
The Coyote is smaller than the Wolf and is close to a medium-sized Collie. The tail is round and bushy. Some Coyotes can weigh about 20 pounds. The lengths of the coat and color patterns vary depending on an area. Mountain Coyotes have long, thick fur that is usually dark. In winter, their coats become silky, which induce hunters to hunt for fur. Some species may have a black tail tip. The Coyote is generally slim and agile.

The Coyote has erect ears and a pointing muzzle. What is characteristic of Coyotes is that the muzzle is almost bending with the forehead. In dogs, the muzzle does not form a single line with the forehead. The species is famous for its cunning look. The cunning look of the Coyote is due to the slightly slanting eyes and the eye color. The species has black round pupils, which add much to the expression of craftiness.

The Coyote has strong long teeth that may cause severe injuries. The species also has scent glands at the root of the tail and on the body. These scent glands become especially active when a few species meet. They also serve as indicators of Coyote presence in an area. Hunters often trace the scent of the animal and use traps to catch Coyotes.

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